It’s time America staked its claim in the world of premium cured meats. And we have, with Vincenza’s American Style Salumi. We’ve infused new world inventiveness into old world traditions. We’ve created exciting and imaginative products that are making people sing from sea to shining sea.

Prosciutto Di San Daniele

Prosciutto di San Daniele can only be made in the small town of San Daniele del Friuli, close to the city of Udine. This tiny town, with little over 8,000 inhabitants, is nestled between the Dolomite mountains and fertile low-lying pastures. The unique combination of strong, cold alpine winds and warm marine breezes from the Adriatic Sea, create the incredible micro-climate for air drying and aging the famous Prosciutto di San Daniele: low humidity, excellent ventilation and cool breezes. Due to its small size and geography, very limited production is available worldwide.

Prosciutto Di Parma

Prosciutto is one of the most natural products that humans can make. It requires only 3 ingredients: the hind legs of carefully selected and raised Italian pigs, sea salt and clean mountain breezes. Very few products in the world reflect the natural relationship between the land and its inhabitants as directly as prosciutto does.

Prosciutto Italiano

Principe created Prosciutto Italiano to compete in the demanding U.S. marketplace. Known for its high usage, creative applications, and demand for competitive pricing, Prosciutto Italiano provides the perfect solution for the price conscious prosciutto lover. Made of top quality Dutch pork, and patiently aged a minimum of 10 months, it is superior in terms of taste and value!

Cooked Hams

Cooked hams are the founding products of the Principe business. Over these 70 years we have perfected our recipes and techniques to be able to deliver the best-in-class to the world today!

Salami Pre-Sliced

Principe’s line of Artisan Chubs and Salumi boasts all natural meat with no hormones or synthetic nitrates ever! Our clean ingredients allow us to deliver uniquely delicious, authentic flavors. Made under our care with Italian expertise and American pride, we always strive to respect the animals and the land while creating the best tasting, most natural food products possible!


Principe Speck is a dry-cured smoked ham that has been lightly seasoned for a minimum of 22 weeks with delicate hints of flavor and spices. The meat tends to be a dark, rich color, with pale pink fat. It has a cured texture with alpine, smoked aroma, and a mild, delicate flavor, not overly spiced, and very natural and rustic.


One of the few Italian salumi made from beef! As per U.S. regulations, all imported Bresaola is made in Uruguay. Principe Bresaola differentiates itself by exclusively utilizing the “punta d’anca” cut, or top round, in its recipe from Hormone-Free grass fed Beef. Typical aromatic herbs, berries and other spices are used to produce this air-dried, single cut of lean beef.


Principe Mortadella is made from 100% select pure pork meat. According to Bologna tradition, it is ground and blended with cubes of top quality bacon fat, fresh spices and natural flavors, then carefully cooked in humidity ovens.


Originally from Lazio, Principe Porchetta is made with our own unique Pork Loin rolled in a flat slab of Pancetta and roasted in a hot air oven. This is the perfect fancy cold cut for every day or special occasions, as it can be served as other deli meats; or cut into 1/2 inch thick slices, grilled and served as a hot dish.


Principe Pancetta is ready-to-eat and deliciously savory, as each piece is personally seasoned and roasted in hot air ovens. Italian Pancetta can be described as a sweet aged bacon. It has a lower meat ratio, for a silky smooth texture. It's perfect as an ingredient, or directly sliced for use as a deli meat, with a delicate, sweet-and-savory bacon flavor.